A. Manik’s Allurina Atelier line focuses on the design and production of timeless pieces in 14K, 18K, platinum, using high quality gems.

The jewelry line is designed by Alicia Gaxiola; who is certified by the Gemological Institute of Mexico and by Haute Horlogerie in diamond valuation. She has also been awarded certificates by both AJP (Accredited professional jewelry) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

The pieces are made by the most skilled jewelers in the field, qualified to manufacture designs in gold, platinum and gem mountings.

Allurina Atelier offers a unique and timeless design, which thanks to its composition of thin metal by an expert hand, provides a lifetime warranty (subject to clauses at the time of sale).

Among the featured products are engagement rings, offering a variety of shades of gold, diamonds in all shapes and colors, and precious gems of the highest quality for the manufacturing of specific pieces.

Allurina Atelier offers unique designs as well as certified diamonds and gems.

The parts are mostly on demand.


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