A. MANIK | Allurina Manik is a Mexican brand created by Alicia Gaxiola,

a designer from Sinaloa who seeks and undertakes the brand’s design by creating her first timeless pieces in 2012, in San Pedro Garza García, N. L. She studied in the Instituto Gemológico y de Alta Relojería de México, and achieved different recognitions by the AJP (Accredited Jewelry Professional) and the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Her designs are currently located in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and Mexico City.

Three elements merge in one piece: Art, Fashion and Design. Alicia Gaxiola’s pieces are inspired by different cultures, striking the perfect balance between design, style and character. They are contemporary and handmade, and create a work of art that will accesorize any look.

A.MANIK | Allurina Manik is inspired by the allure of natural gems,

exotic animals and floral extravaganza, which derive in shapes and textures of impact. Targeting men and women alike, we are looking to have a market and demand in men’s products and jewelry, with designs ranging from necklaces with hand-carved horns, to personalized cufflinks and different types of boutonnière. These designs are made of fine materials like goldplated silver and different silver alloys. Additionally, for certain designs we use laboratory synthesized stones along  with cultured pearls and natural gems of the highest quality.

Allurina Manik’s foundation is to create timeless collections in 925 sterling silver and 925 goldplated sterling silver. Nonetheless, we are now developing exclusive pieces made out entirely with gold of different color, quality and purity.